HORRON CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGNS is an architectural and construction company providing trendsetting designs for residential and commercial buildings. Our primary focus is to provide stylish, safe and comfortable residential houses and purpose focused commercial buildings. This is archived through incorporating our team of young variable architects and their different architectural styles to come on the table with our skilled constructors to meet our client's need.Our house desings include 3D models of the blueprint. HORRON CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGNS is a 100% black owned company, whose main mission is to create a lucrative and continuously growing business that will become a name synonymous with great architecture. Learn more

House design is our ultimate passion, we spend hours and hours planning a single house. We continously consult the client until we are satisfied we are on the same page with the client. we pride ourselves in the work we do and thus we do our best to make our work the best.

House design & Plan, 3D Model, Quantity survey, Construction

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